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ProVectus partners with regional UL508A shops to give our customers the best possible products on the market.  We listen to your needs.  If you want to wire it faster, make it smaller, or know if its not working, we can help!  Send us your needs and we can get designs started immediately.

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Automation Made Simple!


Your system could have been installed in 1965, it doesnt matter.  We can service it, add controls to it, and tell you when it is going to break.  We use the latest in remote management software to quickly troubleshoot our customers issues.

What Can We Do For You?

ProVectus Solutions was founded to bring a new direction to the system integration market.  We work direclty with our customers to design what they want.  YOU will be able to maintain your system without our help, we want you to take ownership.  ProVectus uses the latest in technology to help customers achieve their vision of SCADA and Controls.

Our engineers have years of experience with systems from all industries.  Systems for Automotive, Food and Beverage, Industrial Plants, Water/Wastewater, Gas, and Electric Systems.  We partner with multiple companies to provide the most cost effective and advanced solutions on the market.


About Us

For more than nine years, ProVectus has supplied its customers with what they want.  Simple, maintainable Control Solutions.  Matthew Knight founded ProVectus and continues to consult on projects.  We also work with regional partners across the Southeast to provide the best possible system for our customers.

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Everyone is talking about IOT and IIOT.  WE KNOW IT!  Our experience with SCADA systems has allowed us to jump quickly into the IOT marketplace.  We offer systems from simple point monitoring to database integration.  Using the cellular network we can give you the information you want anywhere in the world!

We can help from the initial meeting to the final programming of your system.  Our experience starts with simple machine control / monitoring and stops where you want! 

System Design